about jen


Hey y’all, I’m Jen! I’m a Virginia native and can make sweet tea so good you’ll smack your mama (though I wouldn’t recommend it.) 😉
I’m well traveled, quick witted, and lover of punnery. I fell in love with skincare and cosmetics by accident. What started out as a part-time weekend job over ten years ago, blossomed into giddy enthusiasm with every new lipstick, mascara, and moisturizer that came through the door. I eventually rolled up my sleeves, threw on a brush belt, and began helping clients enhance their own natural beauty. I’ve dabbled in many brands spanning from prestige to mass market and I will love sharing my experiences with you! In addition to beauty, I’ll be sharing discoveries in fashion and fitness.

Étincelle is French for spark and representational of many aspects of yours truly, and it’s my hope that I evoke some of that “spark” in you.

I am shamelessly addicted to coffee and tea, Mexican cuisine and because I’m truly a girl… jewelry. ツ

Thanks for joining me!

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