Wet n’ Wild Beauty: Cruelty free on a budget


I don’t think I’ve been so excited to blog about products…ever. In a previous post I talked about making the transition to cruelty free products and how it’s more affordable than ever, and the options are seemingly endless!

I remembered Wet N’ Wild nail polish from when I was growing up, and after seeing a number of reviews about their products recently, I decided to “splurge” on a haul and replenish a few things I needed in addition to some things I wanted. 😉

I started with a brow pencil several months ago, with which I was suitably impressed. I diswp-1486399942899.jpgcovered that there’s a new photofocus foundation with a decent shade range. It helps eliminate white particle reflection (goodbye, photo flashback!). It’s tested against 7 different light conditions, with top smartphone models, and with and without flash. I love the spatula applicator; making it easier to apply and then blend with a brush. It provides medium coverage and m20170206_113157.jpgy skin looked dewy and healthy, not shiny. (Bonus: this foundation is also vegan!) I also picked up the companion pressed powder compact to set the foundation. Feels and looks great.

I probably love blushes as much as I love lip colors, and the colo20170206_113113-1.jpgricon blush did not disappoint. My first rodeo with their blush was with the cult favorite Rose Champagne shade, but I had to return it as it was far too shimmery for my skin type, and accentuated my pores. Ugh. I was so happy to find this beautiful matte blush in Mellow Wine, and gosh…it’s just gorgeous. It not only applies beautifully, but it really stays put and lasts. I’m on the hunt for a plum/berry shade as well, so I’ll likely be adding another coloricon blush to my collection.

When it comes to mascaras, they have a lot to live up to because I’ve dabbled in prestige brands and love quite a few of them. However, their latest mascara, Lash Renegade, really wp-1486400180215.jpgjust sealed the deal for me with this brand. Sure the brush looks a little funky, but there’s method to this sorcery. Not only does the wand allow for every lash to get coated, the little ball tip at the end helps to lift lashes at the lash line to give them a boost. (A feature I’m all too familiar with à la Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara). This mascara lifts, volumizes, and lengthens, which is typically what I look for, and the formula isn’t drying or flaky. For under $6, this is an incredible value!

I’ll preface with this; I rarely paint my nails. I mean, it’s practically never. It’s not that I wp-1486406173047.jpgdon’t like nail polish, I’m just hell on my nails. I hand wash dishes, I’m always prying things apart, and next thing you know, I’ve got a chip. Then I get super irritated and ultimately remove the polish and the whole painting them thing becomes a distant memory. The only time I ever had polish stick around for longer than a day or two was when I went to have Shillac polish applied at the nail salon years ago. I quit putting my nails through it (my nails became thin, brittle, and nailbeds sore) but I’d literally get two weeks wear out of it before it would chip in any way. Needless to say, when I saw that Wet n’ Wild had a one step, no lamp gel polish, and it was featured as one of Allure Magazine’s Best of 2016, I thought I’d give it a go. I started with a neutral shade, Pinky Swear, and after two coats, voilà. My nails looked like I’d just stepped out of the salon. I’m three days in, and no chipping…and reviews state that it can last up to two weeks. I’ll let you know in a future post if this actually happens.

I am looking forward to experiencing more products from Wet n’ Wild. Thus far, I am pretty darn impressed!

Happy Monday!




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