Holy Grail alert: Vermont’s Original Bag Balm

Of all the beauty products I love, most of my very favorites are multitaskers. Yesterday, while picking up a product I needed to replenish from my local drugstore, this tiny green package caught my eye. It looked familiar, and I recalled instantly that I’d read about Vermont’s Original Bag Balm sometime ago, and that it was awesome for healing dry, cracked heels. Given the colder weather and a house with electric heat, my skin is always in need of extra pampering.

I got right to business and used this on a scar from a foot surgery last year that’s usually dry and tender to the touch. I just knew there had to be a way to incorporate this into my beauty routine, too. A little dab on my lips along with my lip color not only provided awesome hydration and protection against the bitter cold wind today, but actually extended the wear of my lip color. Win!! I went on to mix a bit of the balm with a powder blush I’d hit pan on some time ago to make use of the color that was remaining and made it into a lovely, long wear cream blush.

Seriously, y’all. The possibilities with this product are ENDLESS. You can read more about the legend of how Bag Balm began here, as well as discover many more uses for this gem. I picked up the ounce tin for under $5, that’s perfect for popping into my purse for use on the go, and you can buy larger tins at retailers like Target for under $10. I’m going to get one to keep around the house because in addition to hydration, Bag Balm is also known for its healing abilities, too. It’s got quite the reputation for such, and not once has the formula changed in its over 115 years in existence. It’s got a slight medicinal fragrance, but isn’t in any way off-putting, nor do I find the texture to be overly greasy.

Have you used Bag Balm? Tell me some of your favorite ways to use it in the comments!

Happy New Year!

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