Fall 2016: Stuff I’m really digging.

These kinds of posts are my favorites. In the world of beauty, so frequently I find that bloggers get caught up in “what’s new”and I get it; beauty is ever evolving and we’ve gotta keep up. But sometimes, I like to dig into product that’s been around for a bit.

For real, for real… I’m obsessed with these Oh Sugar! balms from CoverGirl. I picked up my first shade some time ago (I want to say nearly a year ago) and posted a selfie on my Instagram a few months back wearing it, while highlighting another favorite product. I got a few inquiries because it’s just so PRETTY and not intimidating. I know plenty of women who opt for a balm or gloss because there’s an ease to it. ANYWAY – fast forward to last week and I found myself buying another two shades in this product; Soda (left swatch) and Gumdrop (right swatch). Simply. Gorgeous. Vitamin infused balms with a hint of gloss and effortless color? Bam.

This next product was in my Fall FabFitFun box (get yours by following the link and enter code LEAVES10 to receive $10 off your first box!) and while it’s certainly what I’d consider a luxury item, it doesn’t preclude me from absolutely obsessing over it. It’s from Spongelle and it’s this super cool 70s flower-shaped sponge infused with this gorgeous Bulgarian rose gel that is like the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve been using mine daily for nearly a month, and it still hasn’t given up. This was the idea of a mom whose son showed no mercy in using up her entire bottle of expensive shower gel. Mompreneurs ROCK!

As many of you know, I’m not a fan of liquid foundation makeup. Sometimes it’s “necessary” and I have a couple of go-tos but I like BB creams because they’re effortless, natural looking, include skincare benefits and lend well to my busy schedule. I had a favorite that I used for AGES and never deviated from, until it was discontinued this year. SADNESS. So after much homework (and finally using up the rest of my reserves… Thanks, Crystal!) I found what I believe to be an adequate replacement from La Roche Posay – Effaclar BB Blur. Y’all. This stuff is like the Valencia filter on Instagram. The texture is a gorgeous, lightweight mousse. It’s formulated for sensitive, oily, breakout prone skin (literally, my exact skin type) and the icing on the cake? It contains an SPF 20. PIEYOW! Sold. So sold, I’ve got it on 3-month auto delivery.

I highlighted this mascara in my Birthday Beauty Haul post, and promised a follow-up. Y’all… CoverGirl’s Super Sizer Fibers mascara is EVERYTHING. Besides the wallet friendly pricetag, it gives me length and buildable volume that I’ve only rarely gotten from luxury brand mascaras. I really can’t say much else – if you’re in the market for a mascara, there’s a recommendation. Amazing.

With colder air in place, I realized I needed to get a body moisturizer that didn’t smell of the Tropics (I’ve been a loyal Alba Botanica Hawaiian cocoa butter lotion user for YEARS) so I thought I’d give Aveeno’s new Body Yogurt a whirl. I opted for the Vanilla and Oats scent because I dig warmer fragrances in cooler months, and truly, my only complaint is that this product comes in a jar. I would LOVE to see this in a pump. 

It has a lightweight texture that absorbs instantly into the skin that never feels heavy or greasy. My skin is left lightly scented and it doesn’t conflict with other fragrance, and moisturized.

Wearing Maybelline Master Studio primer in 100- Blur + Smooth along with L’Oréal Lumi foundation in Porcelain • Light Ivory, W1-2. Lips: CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Balm in Gumdrop. Eyes: L’Oréal La Palette Intense, L’Oréal Matte-Matic liner, CoverGirl Super Sizer Fibers mascara in Very Black.

Last but certainly not least, as promised, is the Maybelline Master Studio primer in 100-Blur and Smooth. Under $10, kind to oily/breakout prone skin, and helps me promote my glow, and keeps my oily skin and large pores in check. For those foundation wearing days, this has become my go-to! It feels like a lightweight lotion and absorbs instantly as I pat it into my skin. No wonder this has gotten rave reviews. Love!

What are some products you’re loving this season? Comment and tell me about them!

Happy Fall, y’all! 🍂🍁🍃

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