Shoe Fanaticism.

Most of you are probably familiar with TOMS and their One for One movement, but if you’ve never had the pleasure of owning a pair – check your pulse. They’re COMFY. Like, eight to ten hours of doing makeup and being on your feet comfy. My first pair of glitters I’ve long retired, and after some time without them, snagged another pair. Then the unthinkable happened.
They began to come apart. Right at the heel. Mind you, I expect normal wear and tear but after a week or so of wear? Not so much. 

I sent over an email to TOMS and within a couple of days received response that I needed to provide photos and description of what was faulty. Kid you not, within minutes of my reply, I received notification of a store credit for the full amount of the cost of my shoes. I keep my shoes (I’ve retired them to “fishing with the kids shoes” status) and I bought a new pair. These are hands down the COOLEST shoes I’ve ever owned. I never quite understood shoe fanaticism, but now I get it. 

Just… Look at them:

I mean… Keith Haring. LOOK AT MY COOL SHOES, Y’ALL. Bonus? The entire collection is on sale right now. So go forth and get ye totally awesome shoes.

Anyway, the entire point of this post is my expression of joy for not only a company whose altruism is inspiring and their products fan worthy, but they stand behind them. One happy customer right here.

Happy Sunday!

Jen xo

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