Pineapple is my hero fruit!


Really, August?!

Yep. I’ve been hit hard with some serious sinus/allergy gunk and despite my regular treatment, nothing seems to be helping.

Continuing with my usual habit of infusing my water, I added fresh pineapple. Besides it tasting amazing it also contains remarkable benefits that, gasp, will help me in giving this sinus junk a beat down!

Folks often reach for orange juice while suffering colds, but pineapple contains just as much vitamin C, contains 73% of the daily amount of magnesium, and contains bromelin, a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins. AND! has natural antiinflammatory properties and reduces swelling. Take THAT sinus pressure.

Pineapple is also a winner among arthritis sufferers. I mean, is there anything it can’t do?

But for now, I’m content to sip my infused water and kick my sinus garbage in the process. 💪🍍


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